Fridge rental

Fridge rental

Fridge rental whether on a short or longer term basis is ideal at this festive time of year.

Many businesses from butchers to hotels and restaurants benefit from the festive upsurge in trade at Xmas time. However, this can lead to a shortage of fridge space. When customer demand is at a peak, a solution may be required to accommodate an increase in stock to meet.

In these high demand periods fridge rental from Willow Hire is an ideal solution. Our top quality German Humbaur fridge trailers can be delivered direct to your premises. Powered up to 20metres away from a standard electrical outlet a fridge rental from Willow Hire provides a fast, simple, easy to use addition to your exisitng fridge.

All our fridge trailers have wide easy access lockable doors. Additionally all our fridge trailers have full height access and internal height allowing easy operation. We can even supply a fridge trailer incluidng racking or simply install your own.

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