Emergency Fridge and Freezer Hire Food Safety Requirements

Emergency Fridge and Freezer Hire

Government requirements are necessarily stringent to ensure the safety of food storage.

EC Regulation 852/2004 contains a general requirement for temperature control, as set out in Annex II, Chapter IX, 5

  1. Raw materials, ingredients, intermediate products and finished products likely to support the reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms or the formation of toxins are not to be kept at temperatures that might result in a risk to health. The cold chain is not to be interrupted. However, limited periods outside temperature control are permitted, to accommodate the practicalities of handling during preparation, transport, storage, display and service of food, provided that it does not result in a risk to health…

Click here for the uk gov web extract

Every competent person involved in the food industry is aware of the importance of food hygiene and safety. Health and safety is always at the forefront and to ensure your food is kept at the required temperatures in the event of an emergency fridge and freezer breakdown, Willow Hire can deliver one of our top quality German Humbaur chiller or freezer trailers direct to your premises. For emergency fridge and freezer hire powered from either a generator standard 13 amp socket Willow Hire provides a solution for emergency and overstock situations during busy periods such as Christmas.

To pre order a chiller or freezer trailer or in the event of emergency call Willow Hire on 07973 197771 / 07976 422528

Our depot is based just off the M57 and from this location we provide a fast and reliable response in the event of an emergency.